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Track and conduct your fixed assets through every step of the asset lifecycle.



Account for everything

Maximize your fixed assets by accounting for all inventory with Sage Fixed Assets Planning.  Think construction in-progress—from projects being assembled, upgraded, updated, or accumulated prior to being put in service


Forecast the future

Acronyms for regulatory agencies, laws, and even forms control the gamut: IRS, IFRS, GAAP, SOX, GASB, CCA, T2S8—but your compliance can’t.  Changes in financial and tax rules, including exemptions, can make the difference between penalties and cost savings.  And the detailed admin tasks required to manage fixed assets can effectively overwhelm any organization.  With Sage Fixed Assets Depreciation, it doesn’t have to.


Take the chaos out of tracking

Having accurate inventory management of its fixed assets is vital for any business.  Without it, precision and reliability are at risk.  Learn how Sage Fixed Assets Tracking can help.


The surgical products manufacturer

Gary Kolanda, Corporate Controller                                                                                                                                                                                                    Medrobotics Corporation

Sage Fixed Assets can help us forecast and plan for expected depreciation, making our budgets more accurate and our planning more strategic.

Sage Professional Services can reduce your asset management workload

  • Custom integration with your ERP System. Eliminate manual data entry.
  • Import new assets.
  • Mass changes to existing assets.
  • Custom reports.
  • Remote software installations and updates.

Webinars and guides

Why Invest in a Fixed Asset Management solution - What are the Potential Returns

Discover the benefits of a good fixed asset management solution and the warning signs that it’s time to ditch your spreadsheets.

Best practices for fixed asset managers

Find the best practices for fixed assets and suggest tips on how to run a more nimble organization while saving time and money.

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