Deputy Time and Attendance

Go from clocking in to payroll in three simple steps


Capture Attendance

Let employees clock in and out from a desktop, mobile and more.


Approve Timesheets

Check and verify the information in your timesheets before sending to payroll.


Export to Payroll

Easily send off information to your preferred payroll provider.

Choose an ingenious time and attendance software

Record the start and end of every employees’ workday. Easily approve and send their timesheets to payroll.


Track attendance anywhere

Using the Deputy app, employees can clock in using their phone, a kiosk, text messenging, and more.

Easy invoicing

Record hours worked and easily turn them into customizable invoices to pass on to accounting.

Track employee breaks

Break planning helps you make sure your employees are complying with your organization's break rules.

Automatic calculation

Automatically takes fees and penalties like overtime into consideration when calculating employee pay.

Keep an eye on employees

Ensure your employees are in the right place with Deputy's facial recognition and mobile geolation.


Use reports to monitor your sales transactions, actual timesheet costs, schedule budgets, and other features to give you the best information for your business.

Make time tracking mobile

Download our Deputy app for Apple and Android to make clocking in and out a breeze for your employees. The option to have an employee take a photo when starting their shift to give you peace of mind.

Try out Deputy Time and Attendance!