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Small Business Accounting For Freelancers, Consultants, Store Owners & More.

Fast-track your daily routines and time-consuming tasks with automation built into every plan.

With Quickbooks you can take photos of your receipts and store them digitally, then link them to transactions for easy tax prep. Put less time between you and your money with invoice reminders, tracking, and customer payments right from your invoice. No more doom and gloom come April with automatic expense tracking and sales tax calculations -you’ll always be prepared.

You can get a clear view of where your business stands through your, profit & loss, balance sheet, and customized reports, with free direct deposit, automatic tax tracking, and compliance updates, you and your employees stroll into payday with confidence. Elegantly designed dashboards and feeds instantly show you the health of your business and your next action steps.

QuickBooks pulls in data from your bank and credit  accounts, saving time and reducing data entry error. YOu can even stress less about due dates: 1-click reports show you where the business stands, and you can easily share them with your accountant.

Track bill status, record payments, and create recurring payments and also pay multiple vendors and bills at the same time
Create checks from anywhere and print when ready. Say goodbye to missed payments by setting up recurring bills.
Record bills. Easily record and track bills you’ve paid by check or direct deposit.
Create checks from anywhere and print them when you’re ready.
Set up vendors, manage invites, and control when you incur expenses.
Put purchase orders on autopilot by creating customized purchase orders. Pay multiple bills and vendors at the same time.  Automatic GPS tracking-
Easier than doing nothing. Just drive, we’ll use your phone’s location to detect when you’re driving.

Business or personal? Categorize each trip to easily rack up potential deductions.

No drain on battery-Patented technology uses your phone’s GPS only when you’re actually moving. So you get reliable data without draining your battery.

Find on average 45% more deductions by logging miles in annually.2

Make every mile count- Every mile is worth about 53 cents in tax deduction or mileage reimbursement to the IRS. Mileage data is logged accurately and automatically.

income and Expenses:
Ditch the shoebox. Snap and save photos of receipts so you’re ready in case of an audit.

We’ll tailor tax categories so they’re just right for your business type, but you can always add your own if you need to.

Make smarter business decisions with instant access to key financials including income, expenses, outstanding invoices, and more.

Instantly see how your business is performing with reports including profit & loss, expenses, and balance sheets.

Easily share reports with your accountant or set up automatic email reporting to send the latest business insights right to your inbox.

For the first month, we’ll offer tips and get to know how you’re using QuickBooks. From there, we’ll learn patterns and habits so that categorization is easy.

Invoiocing and Payments:
Create and send smart invoices to get paid 2x faster for free.
Accept payments 24/7

Smart invoices that your customers can pay in an instant. Anytime, anywhere.

Free bank transfers

Save time with free bank transfers—no more paper checks, transaction fees, or hectic bank runs.

Make it easy to get paid

Accept all credit cards and let customers pay their way, plus track and manage multiple currencies.

Track invoices and get paid automatically.
Receive instant notifications

Get real-time alerts when customers view and pay invoices. Automated reminders let customers know payment is due.

Get smart invoicing

Customers can pay by credit card or bank transfer, right in the invoice. QuickBooks matches payments with invoices for you.

Add billable hours

Use Google Calendar, TSheets, or QuickBooks time tracking to bill directly in invoices.

Available in Plus

Build trust and grow your business:

Create custom invoices

Select from a variety of templates, then add your logo and accent colors to make it your own.

Personalized payments

Your unique Pay Now link ensures that payments are encrypted.

Trusted technology

Powered by technology from the makers of TurboTax and Mint.

Multiple users

Save time and work better together.
Control your books with robust roles & permissions.

Set roles & permissions

Create custom access to QuickBooks for sales reps, office managers, and other types of employees and partners.

Time tracking-only access

Allow employees time tracking access to clock in and out and mark billable hours.

Limited report access

Share insights with business partners and investors through limited access reports.

Accountant collaboration to keep your books on point.::
Manage accountant access

No need to share your username and password. Invite your accountant to log in separately.1

Setup assistance

Don’t go it alone. Get a confident start on your books with setup help from your accountant or tax professional.

Easy follow up

Not sure how to categorize a transaction? Simply mark it so your accountant can follow up later.

Easily track 1099 payments to help stay compliant.

Track payments to contractors throughout the year.

1099 vs W-2

Before you pay a contractor, you’ll need to know the compliance rules for paying workers.

Take the 1099/W-2 Quiz.

Log completed work

When you pay a contractor for labor, you’ll need to track it on a 1099 to stay compliant.

Separate vendor expenses

If you pay a contractor or vendor for equipment rental, you track it as a separate expense.

Prepare tax forms

We’ll walk you through how to map your contractor payments to the correct boxes on the 1099 tax form.

Conveniently e-file online

Automatically e-file through QuickBooks one-click file service starting at $14.99 for three forms.

Print and mail forms

Purchase official 1099 forms within QuickBooks and print them directly from your printer.

Additional fees apply

Pay Employees::

We’ll help you take the busy work out of payday so you can get back to business.

Works right inside QuickBooks

Run your payroll inside QuickBooks Online. Your books update automatically.

Faster direct deposit processing

With 24-hour Direct Deposit, you can submit payroll by 5PM (PT) the day before payday.

Free mobile app

Not in the office? You can still make that payroll deadline – just use our mobile app.

Know your tax calculations are accurate

We use the latest federal, state and local tax rates, so you’ll be sure taxes are correct.

Manage taxes with confidence

File and pay taxes electronically in QuickBooks or have us do them for you.

Handle W-2s at year end

File and print employee W-2s in QuickBooks or have us do it for you.

Need more from your payroll? Try Full Service.
Our payroll experts are here to help with setup, taxes and more.
Payroll taxes done for you

We electronically file and pay taxes on your behalf – on time, accuracy guaranteed.

Payroll setup help from experts

Our US-based payroll experts help you set up payroll. Switching providers? We’ll transfer your data for you.

Experience you can trust

Get help from dedicated, US-based payroll experts, by chat or by phone.

TRAck time::

Track billable hours

You and your team can add hours to daily or weekly timesheets.

Add to invoices

Add billable time and expenses to your invoices.

Pay your team- Your team’s time worked automatically shows up in payroll.

Smarter invoicing- Every billable hour entered automatically appears on your invoices.

Sync your Google Calendar

Pull hours from your Google Calendar directly onto invoices. Collect what’s yours

Report on unbilled hours so nothing slips through the cracks.

Let employees add time

Employees add their hours without access to your books.
Review timesheets

Review and make changes before running payroll or invoicing.
Save time on payroll

Employee hours automatically appear in your payroll.
Available with QuickBooks Payroll


From shelf to shipment, track your inventory automatically with QuickBooks Plus.

Track inventory by item

Sort and track your list of taxable and nontaxable goods.

Get real time inventory

Inventory quantity is adjusted automatically as you work, so you always know when to reorder.

Low stock alerts

Stay ahead of back orders. We’ll alert you when it’s time to reorder inventory.

Stay on top of purchase orders

Keep tabs on vendor orders by product. Plus, organize multiple vendors in one place.

See what’s popular- Run reports to instantly see your best sellers, total sales, and total taxes.

Integrate seamlessly- No need to enter product details twice, just drag and drop products to an invoice.
Stay in sync with online sales.1

Create a master inventory list and sync product across channels.

Integrate sales data to QuickBooks Self-Employed for instant insights.

Enable automatic import of all Shopify orders and refunds in one click.

See the big picture at a glance.

See how much you’re making

Understand how business is doing through your dashboard, profit and loss, and balance sheet.

Control your cash flow

Track the cash flowing in and out of your business so there are no surprises.

Know who owes you

Keep tabs on your open invoices, customer balances, and past due amounts.

Create professional reports

Share a professional-looking summary of your finances with your business partners.

Run custom reports

Every business is different. Tailor your reports to see the info that matters most to you.

Keep your accountant in the loop

Email reports to your accountant so they’re always up-to-date on your business.

Budget for your goals

Create a roadmap for your spending and keep your business on track.

Plan for your future

Take the guesswork out of planning. Track current trends to make better decisions for your business.

Get funding to grow

Give investors the financial info they need to approve you for a loan.

Sales & sales tax::

Keep sales in sync no matter how you get paid.

Get paid on the spot

Accept credit cards anywhere with our mobile card reader.1 Plus, record cash and check payments.

Show off your brand

Personalize receipts by adding your logo, messaging, and social media links.

Track and manage products

Always know what you have on hand with automatic inventory updates.

Available in Plus

Sync with your favorite point of sale system

Skip the data entry. Just sync and your transactions automatically appear in QuickBooks.
Seamless integration gives you detailed sales insights with advanced inventory and reporting.
Monitor your cash flow by automatically syncing register totals Connect to the e-commerce tools you love.

Merchants can track order information in one place for organization with less work.  Manual bookkeeping is a thing of the past when you schedule auto syncing of sales information.  Transfer PayPal transactions and sync to automatically import discounts, taxes, customer data, and expenses.

E-commerce integrations work best with Plus. Automatically calculates thousands of state, city, and county sales tax rates around the U.S.

Generate reports that show how much you’ve accrued and how much you owe.

Avoid penalties

We’ll help keep track of payment due dates so that you can avoid penalties for late payments.

Send estimates:

Land the job with estimates that mean business.See the deal on the spot

Accept mobile signatures

Capture a customer’s signature on estimates and invoices.1

Attach important notes

Take photos of receipts, contracts, and other important information you want attached to a job. Turn estimates into invoices, stay on top of client details so you know where you stand on a job, and get jobs rolling without skipping a beat.

Keep tabs on the status of your estimates so nothing slips through the cracks.

Save time with templates

Kickstart a new job by duplicating a previous estimate or by using a template.
and tailor estimates
Put your best foot forward

Impress clients with a professional looking estimate

Create personalized estimates that reflect your business and your brand.
Create custom fields

Add custom fields to your estimates for tracking and reporting.
Maximize tax deductions

Year-round organization for peace of mind at tax time.


Maximize tax deductions

Year-round organization for peace of mind at tax time.

Smart organization

Automatically sort business expenses into the right deduction categories so you keep more of what you earn.

Track mileage automatically

Find an average of $7,393 in potential mileage deductions per year by using your phone’s GPS to automatically track miles.1

Available in Self-Employed

Save receipts with a snap

Snap a photo of your receipts and QuickBooks will automatically match and categorize them for you.
Upgrade to the TurboTax bundle

Instantly export your financial data to TurboTax for easy filing of both your state and federal return. Learn more.

Accountant assist

From Profit & Loss to Schedule C forms, QuickBooks keeps things organized for easy collaboration with your accountant.

Easy quarterly taxes

We automatically calculate quarterly taxes to help you set money aside and avoid year-end surprises.


Access funding in QuickBooks when you need it.

Every milestone matters

We take a holistic view of your business to create funding options that are right for you.

Know the total cost

You’ll pay back the amount you borrow plus interest – that’s it. No hidden fees, no surprises.

Explore the possibilities

See what’s possible right in QuickBooks without affecting your personal credit.

Get funds fast

Money is deposited right into your bank account in 1-2 business days.

Weekly automatic repayments

We debit ACH payments from your business bank account, and you can track it all in QuickBooks.

Pay your loan off at any time to save on interest costs – no penalties.

Plans & pricing – Create projects – Manage work your way by keeping all project-related information in one place.

Track costs

Connect invoices, expenses, and transactions to each specific project.

Manage workload

View all open projects to easily understand where you’re spending your time.
Easily track job profitability with reports.

See how much you’re making or losing money on every individual project.

Track all time and expenses on your projects and view outstanding payments and unbilled work.

Understand the full scope of a project by also tracking nonbillable time for each project.

Questions along the way? Get your answers from our live support team or connect with your accountant directly through QuickBooks.

Expert guidance every step of the way.


Why should I use projects?

  • Projects gives you a central place to get a bird’s-eye view of your jobs along with all the associated transactions, notes, and reports.
    We’ve added four custom reports to help you easily see the profitability of your projects, invoices that need to be sent, sales transactions related to the project, and any nonbillable time.

What project statuses can I set?

  • There are three different project statuses: In progress, Completed, and Canceled. Just change the status to reflect what state your project is in.

Can I budget by project?

  • Yes, this is often used as a workaround for an estimate to project report. Create your budget, and select Subdivide by Customer, and then choose the project the budget is for.
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