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PandaDoc- Enable your team

What is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc is a software platform that enables and enhances the creating, sending, and eSigning of transactional documents

Documents are electronic, interactive, actionable, and feature-rich. They’re different, they’re better, and they’re powered by newer, open source format

For Sales  Close more deals with better quote, proposal, and contract management processes. PandaDoc extends CRMs with document automation.

For HR  Increase efficiency with better offer letters, streamlined contract signing, and form-filling processes. PandaDoc extends ATS and HCM systems with document automation.

These are just a couple use cases for our product. Whenever you need to automate document work, PandaDoc is the solution.

Thousands of companies use PandaDoc everyday. Many save hours of work per employee and increase productivity when dealing with proposal, contracts, and forms. Others increase revenue by over 50%.

That’s why we call PandaDoc the Future of Documents.

Contract Management

Every day, businesses around the world are ditching paper and signing important business documents online with Contract Management software. Whether you’re signing a vendor contract, a mortgage or anything in between, electronic signature software can offer significant benefits.

Contract Management and Electronic Signature software can bring many benefits:

  • Save Time using Templates
  • Make it Easier for your Clients to Sign
  • Track Your Progress
  • Upgrade Document Security
PandaDoc automate proposals quotes and more

Boost sales productivity by 35% with PandaDoc

Forget printing and scanning, get your documents eSigned. Get Docs signed easily and securely by automating your document workflow using templates, electronic signatures, and many other features. You can even track when recipients open your documents and how long they spend on each page. Build smart document templates with auto-fill fields, integrate with Google Docs and a myriad of CRMs.

Document Assembly

Is your team still using clunky software to assemble important quotes, proposals, and contracts? Templates and preset content blocks make document assembly simple lets reps construct picture-perfect documents in minutes saving tons of time.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Make quoting infinitely easier with one central catalog for all of your products and services. PandaDoc auto-calculates taxes, discounts, margins, and totals. This translates to error-free quotes and proposals, easy price adjustments, and dynamic pricing tables to help speed up your deals.

Deal Room

When it comes to sales documents, how do you know what’s working well and what’s causing concern for your clients? Document analytics show you how long your clients spent on each section, so you can continuously improve collateral. Real-time commenting lets you address client questions on the spot for faster negotiation and more wins. Electronic signatures help close deals faster than ever before.

Workflow Automation

Eliminate busywork, speed up approvals, and free up more selling time for your team. PandaDoc’s workflow automation tools help your team collaborate more efficiently with different departments and switching between CRM and other applications.

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